Working in partnership with client organisations we develop psychological supports, solutions, programmes and interventions that serve a primary purpose of protecting and enhancing the psychological health of individual employees.

Enhanced EAP

At AHR we are committed to ensuring that your people are taken care of. AHR’s Enhanced EAP service works to provide your employees with the professional support that can best help them deal with the presenting problem.


Bullying, Harassment and Sexual Harassment

Bullying, harassment and sexual harassment can be persistent and pervasive aspects of the contemporary workplace. Creating a positive culture and having appropriate training supports and interventions are key responsibilities of every employer.



Trauma Support

One of the biggest challenge for employers is to help staff find an appropriate means of dealing with their emotional and psychological response to a tragic incident. When a tragic or traumatic incident occurs, AHR can help ensure that your people know that they matter.


Mental Health & Mental Illness At Work

An organisational strategy for supporting mental health and wellbeing has to be more than a box ticking exercise. We will work with you in developing an approach or intervention that will help achieve the outcomes you want for your people.


Psychological Recovery For Healthcare Workers

Staff in hospitals and nursing homes have been to the forefront in dealing with people infected the Covid19 virus. At AHR we have developed a range of both individually and organisationally focused interventions designed to help staff restore their psychological health and wellbeing.


Questions or Queries?

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