We are a full-time team of Occupational Health Psychologists and Counsellors, experienced in dealing with a wide range of personal and work related problems

If there is one thing that the Covid-19 crisis has made us more aware of, it is the fact that every person matters. We have learned that, with combined effort, we can deal with anything. As our workplaces start to adjust to a new normal we must not lose sight of the fact that our success as an organisation is built on the contribution of each individual. For AHR, our contribution is to ensure that your people have the support, resources and skills to make the positive contribution they want to make to the overall success of your workplace.

We are committed to providing meaningful supports and interventions to organisations in supporting the psychological health and wellbeing of people at work.

Established in 1994 by sister and brother Ann and Joe O’Mahony – both Chartered Psychologists – whose area of specialisation is psychological health people and their workplaces. 

Working in partnership with client organisations we develop psychological supports, solutions, programmes and interventions that serve primary purpose of protecting and enhancing the psychological health of individual employees.

We work at individual, team and organisational levels, we create solutions that address issues at individual and systemic levels.



Dr. Joe O’Mahoney
Chartered Psychologist


As an Occupational Health Psychologist I work with HR, OH, Managers and Leaders at creating effective organisational systems for managing an developing psychological health in the workplace. My particular areas of expertise are Crisis Management, Dignity in the Workplace, and the Psychological Health of Organisations.

Ms Ann O'Mahony
Director of Counselling

BA, HDE, M.Coun. REG. PSYCHOL. Ps.SI Counselling Psychologist

I am a Counselling and Occupational Psychologist. As Director of Counselling I oversee the clinical management of each of our Employee Assistance Programmes. I work with HR and OH teams in integrating EAP with other organisational systems, and in responding to specific organisational issues which require sensitive support and handling.

Ms. Rachael Falvey
Clinical Case Manager

As Clinical Case Manager I oversee the clinical management of each individual contacting our EAP service, ensuring they are partnered up with the correct and most appropriate counselling support to deal with their specific issue.

AVRIL LEHANE Accounts Manager

I deal with the overall day-to-day management of the accounts function.

Joe Belshaw Quality & IT Manager

I lead all IT, Quality and GDPR activities.

Why AHR?

Our services enable you to provide the support and care that your employees need in dealing with all work and life challenges.

As a Practitioner-led service we work to the highest professional standards and provide initiatives that support your organisation and your people. We respond every time, quickly and professionally to meet the complex demands your organisation and people face every day.

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