Creating a work environment where human dignity and social wellbeing are central is a challenge for every organisation.

Violations of dignity in the workplace can be seen in unwelcome behaviours such as:

  • Bullying
  • Harassment
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Interpersonal conflict
  • Negative talk
  • Poor customer service


Each of these behaviours signifies that human dignity is not regarded as being a key value in the workplace.

If the place of dignity is ignored, then organisational wellbeing means very little. Our work with organisations places dignity at the core of workplace wellbeing. By working in partnership with clients we can deliver a number of points of entry to developing a culture and practice of dignity and wellbeing.

Dignity at Work

While dignity can be hard to define, each one of us knows when our dignity is being upheld or violated.

While most organisations will have a policy regarding Dignity At Work, the policy can only be made real to the extent that colleagues have the opportunity to discuss and explore what dignity means for them, and what it feels like in the workplace.

We take a behavioural approach to dignity, which means that we can develop content which is specifically suited for the participants. We work with Team Leads and Managers to ensure that the content is embedded in the managerial practices in the workplace.

And additionally, we can back up each workshop with individual psychological support for individuals who are currently dealing with a dignity related issue in the workplace.


Dignity & Conflict

Conflict resolution processes generally aim at addressing the “issue”. Investigations are designed to find out what happened. Mediations are designed to find the best workable solution for both parties.

But in both processes there is little attention given to dealing with the residual emotional impact which the conflict has taken on the people involved. People can be left feeling wounded and hurt, struggling to find a way of dealing with how they are feeling and how they can best relate with the other party.

Any organisation that has had to deal with a bullying or harassment investigation knows how difficult it is to repair relationships among those who have been impacted.

We can develop a dignity-led approach which explores conflict from the perspective of what needs to change in the relationship. Working with individuals and group we can map how best to alter the dynamic so as to reflect the dignity of each individual or group.


Dignity & Leadership

Managers and people leaders at all levels across the organisation play a critical role in creating a culture which values the dignity of each person.

Leaders can sometimes be blind to or dismissive of cultural factors in the workplace which may be having a profound impact on their people. Equally, they may be slow to intervene and “nip things in the bud”.

Managers and leaders need to have clear facts as to their organisational and legal obligations, along with a set of interpersonal skills necessary to deal with these situations as they arise.

We produce seminars and workshops with your organisation so that each one provides the correct balance of information and skills in accordance with the needs of your people.