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Returning To Work

Much of the arrangements around returning to work has focused on preparing the physical space. Social distancing requirements means that that how we work will change for the foreseeable future. As preventing the spread of the virus is essential, these are changes that we are willing to make and we will get used to over time.

But having been out of the workplace for such a long period of time requires a degree of psychological adjustment as well. Leaving the safety and routine of home, we may now feel a bit nervous being physically out and about once again. Some of us will be more than happy to get back out in the world again – others will be less sure.

Leadership Behaviours During the C19 Crisis

If what’s happening in the rest of the world is anything to go by, it looks like the next couple of weeks could be some of the most difficult that we have ever faced in a generation. It will be a challenging time for leaders and organisations. Leaders will not have dealt with anything like […]